Papain Refined Powder

Ayurved Master's Papain Refined Powder (Enzyme)

We are also manufacturing and dealing with Papain Refined Powder with having more than 1000 TU in it.

PAPAIN is the commercial name of a mixture of proteolytic enzymes extracted from papaya-tree carica papaya and purified and standardized. The enzymatic latex is harvested by tapping of the fruit before maturity and purified by a new patented process.

Applications of Papain Refined Powder (Uses of this product)

Brewing chill proofing of beer without any modification of beer organoleptic


Extracts preparation of yeast and vegetal extracts.

Fermentation hydrolysis of proteins to increase the assailable nitrogen in the

fermentation media.

Soya processing of soluble and hydrolysed proteins.

Protein processing where the solubilisation and modification of proteins are desirable

PAPAIN can be used to hydrolyse gels to lower viscosities

Making easier the filtration and concentration.

Milk, whey, soya, etc., proteins processing.

Feed supplement to improve animal feed utilization and efficiencies.

Leather bating of hides.

Paper removal of protein-coated broke.

Pharmaceutical digestive aids, contact lenses cleaner, etc.

Photographic removal of gelatine from film and silk screens.